Everything happens for a reason, I always say. It sucks to stay in the hospital during the holiday season when most of my good friends are out of town. After being here for 6 days in addition to the previous sick days I took intermittently, I suddenly realized this isn’t an illness to torture me, this is a revelation to show me what I needed to see and to make the changes I should have made a while ago.


Humanity, love, and value of life all became crystal clear in front of my eyes. I remember the same thing happened when I was extremely sick in the U.S. The illness brought much depression and suffering, but it was also the catalyst that transformed me into a vegan and gave me another big reason to walk away from a relationship.

I can’t say my life is special, but it’s definitely far from being ordinary. I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual enough to receive messages intended for me. I’m not invincible, but I won’t be defeated by a small setback over the holidays. As I said two days ago, 2013 will be a year with great adventures. I tossed out the mediocre to make room for the new changes in my life in the new year.

Happy new year. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll also find positive messages whenever you see the ugly side of life.

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About Angie P.

actress l director | emcee l model l producer l vegan l writer http://www.angiepalmer.me

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