Challenge for my dad: Reversing diabetes

This post is dedicated to my dad.

We all have one or two persons in our lives who are our mentor, coach or teacher. I have a mentor for films, another for fitness and one more for veganism. My dad didn’t or can’t teach me any of these but he’s a great man who taught me about integrity, honesty and business sense. He is a hardworking man who worked his way up from a salesman to the top management of a multinational pharmaceutical company. There’s no shortcut or easy way out, according to him. It’s because of his teaching and example that I learned to be who I am today. I am thankful for his upbringing, education and love.

This is why I’m writing this.

Dad, I really want you well – I want you to be healthy and off the diabetes medication for life. As what Dr Neal Barnard said in the video, sometimes parents ignore what their children say. After introducing Dr. Colin Campbell of The China Study to you, I want you to watch this video explaining how and why a vegan diet can reverse diabetes. I know you have cut down a lot of meat and other junk in your diet, but fish or lean meat are still not good for us, and Dr Barnard mentioned a few reasons, among others I have talked about.

love dad & mom

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I’m not saying you have to be a vegan for the rest of your life. Just try it out for 21 days (aka 21-day vegan kickstart) first and see how you feel. If it works for your blood sugar, then perhaps you can consider trying this lifestyle a bit longer. If it doesn’t work, then go back to whatever you have been eating. Sounds good?


The start of my cancer story

Time passes by quickly. It’s been almost seven years since the moment I started struggling and fighting the little defective cells called cancer. I didn’t talk about it publicly that much until beginning of this year. People who have heard me talk about it said it’s a powerful story that needs to be shared, especially to cancer patients. After hearing this comment repeatedly, I decided to be more liberal about sharing this part of my past. I started speaking about my cancer story in events in Hong Kong, allowing media to mention it, and also volunteering for the cause as much as I could. This explained a lot about why I do what I do now, especially why I dedicate much of my time to promote veganism and health.

I’ve been grounded at home these two days, so I decided to dig through my doctors’ notes, lab reports and medical brochures that I brought from the U.S. and compiled my cancer story materials in a more comprehensive and accurate manner. I want to release it on my blog, and then later in my Chinese vegan-themed book, hopefully within this year.

It’s painful going through the past. There are so many stories embedded in those two years of my life – when I was spending the last year on Holloman Air Force Base and the first year when I arrived in Ohio. Just writing this blog post made me cry with all these emotions coming back. It’s going to be worth it. I hope to be able to help cancer patients and survivors as well as those whose chronic diseases can be reversed by eating right.

7 years ago

Photo taken 7 years ago. Today, I was going through the medical paperwork pretty much like what happened 7 years ago.

Please look out for the future blog posts about my cancer story and share it with those who may be able to benefit from it.


Vegan reward for a great workout

After a great workout at the gym, especially as a vegan, I’m not afraid to indulge into a healthy dessert. This raw, vegan coconut cheese cake gave me 347 calories with coconut pulp, coconut water, cashew nuts, coconut nectar, coconut butter, dates, lemon juice, desiccated coconut, coconut oil, Irish moss paste, cacao powder, vanilla extract and pink Himalayan salt.

No refined sugar, no junk. Zero trans fat, zero cholesterol. Find it in all branches of Pure Fitness.

Who says vegans can’t eat well in a big city like Hong Kong?


PURE Raw vegan coconut cheese cake